10-12 Years


Students in our 10-12 year old classes will continue to hone their drawing and painting skills, while also working in mixed media and sculptural materials. Further development of art and technique—such as understanding split complimentary and tertiary colors or using a variety of pencil weights—is incorporated. Composition and use of space and the picture plane are emphasized, along with looking to the work of assemblage and contemporary artists. To register, visit our REGISTRATION page.

Featured Projects

Translating Color into Sepia Tones

Medium: Acrylic

Inspiration: Referencing landscape photographs

Students selected a color photograph of a landscape. Having created value scales in pencil and charcoal, students were ready to identify the various values within the landscapes. They assessed each color value a sepia tone value to translate the imagery from color to monochrome.

Exploring Value Scale on Tonal Paper: I’m a Fan!

Medium: Graphite & conte

Inspiration: Drawing from observation

Students learned about and implemented various graphic weights and conte to create still life drawings of a metal fan. The biggest challenge was including the tremendous detail and the subtleties of changes in value on a metallic surface.


Multi-Subject Still Life Drawing: Pumpkins

Medium: Graphite

Inspiration: Drawing from observation

With three pumpkins as reference, students identified the changes from light to dark on a smooth surface. Before beginning, students were asked to determine placement and scale on the picture plane, keeping a strong composition in mind.