7-9 Years


Our 7-9 year old classes explore painting, drawing & mixed media art. We learn more advanced concepts like multi-object, still-life painting and observational drawing, and techniques such as stippling, cross-hatching and shading. Art history and appreciation are interwoven into class content, and we learn about Impressionism, Dada, and Pop Art movements.

Students continue to experiment with pastel and acrylic, while being introduced to art materials that require more careful application, such as Micron pens and smaller brush sizes.

Our 7-9 year-old classes are held on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. To register, visit our REGISTRATION page.

Featured Projects

Texture Studies in Ink

Medium: India Ink

Inspiration: Photographs of Birds

During a month-long study of texture and how it’s used in art, we worked on this project referencing bird photos and using only ink. Students recreated the images through varied use of brushstroke. We began by creating texture charts, thinking about the different marks our brushes and ink could make by changing direction of line or weight of hand, for example. Students then chose a photograph, and referencing their charts and the photos, came up with some pretty phenomenal results!

High Contrast Self-Portraits

Medium: Paint

Inspiration: Understanding Value

We asked students to pose in a side- or three-quarter view - under a spot lamp and we took their photos in black and white. This allowed students to see the different values of their faces. They transferred their photographs to heavy watercolor paper, identifying the different areas of change in value. Lastly, they had to determine a color palette of complementary or high-contrasting colors to showcase the value changes. The results were nothing short of amazing.

Reductive Charcoal Drawings

Medium: Charcoal and Conte

Inspiration: Process Based Art

Using small animal figurines as a reference, students learned how to create bold reductive drawings in charcoal. We began by having students ground their white paper with a soft vine charcoal. We used a heavyweight watercolor paper with a bit of a tooth for added texture. Then, students used both gum and pink pearl erasers to outline the shapes of the animals. They continued to “take away” charcoal to create the forms. Students used a combination of conte crayon in black and white, compressed charcoal, and charcoal to draw in textures, added values, and details.