Introducing…Portrait Class for Kids!

self-portraits in charcoal and watercolor

self-portraits in charcoal and watercolor

We’re super excited to announce our portraiture class for kids taught by Mieriam Jantz. Our portrait class gives kids the confidence to easily draw the human face. By looking closely at the figure and through the creation of drawings and mixed media pieces, kids will grasp the art skills they need to create portraits—of family and friends, favorite characters, and more!

Understanding facial proportions, finding shadows and highlights that distinguish the facial features, and developing imagined figures will be included. Personal sketchbooks and all supplies included.


Meet Mieriam Jantz

Our Kids’ Portrait Class is the brainchild of our Art Teacher Mieriam Jantz. Mieriam graduated from California State University, Channel Islands. She loves watercolor and single-object, still life painting. She’s currently working on a private commission mural.

Mieriam is always up to something inspirational here at the studio, whether it’s painting a mural on our own walls or designing fabulous, seasonal window displays. Her love of drawing, art education & gentle guidance make her the perfect instructor for our portraiture class.

Featured Projects

Portraits: Exploring Value

Medium: Mixed Media Pencil/Colored Pencil

Inspiration: Classical Portraiture vs. Modern Photography

Students referenced photo ads found in magazines, while also creating sketches in their sketchbooks of portraits. The sketchbook studies took a more classical approach, while the images found in magazines presented a modern edge. To emphasize this, and give a strong foundation of value varieties found within the face, students used white pencil on black paper to break down the areas of value.

Portraits: Watercolor Expressions

Medium: Watercolor/Sharpie

Inspiration: After painting their family portraits in acrylic, students came up with this lesson on their own. The only requirement was to feature as many different facial expressions in their painting as possible.