Our Teen Class is a balance of instruction and independence. We offer guidance while also getting out of the way of the teen artist, allowing them to hone their individual artistic style. Students are given critique of their work, while also feeling supported in our relaxed, no-pressure studio setting. Portfolio building and development of personal art interests is included. We explore the work of contemporary and progressive artists, using the student’s taste and personal interest as a driving force. To register, visit our REGISTRATION page.

Featured Projects

Sandra Silberweig: Larger-than-Life Portraits

Medium: Mixed Media on Black Paper

Inspiration: Sandra Silbersweig

Students took a nod to the bright and colorful work of Silbersweig, adding their own spin, interpretation and use of color. The finished works definitely displayed threads of self-portraiture.


Gimme a Hand: Representational Self Portrait

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Inspiration:Drawing from observation

Brief description: Students used their hands as a point of reference, and were charged with mixing and blending accurate skin tones, addressing overall composition and visual appeal with the formation and placement of the painting.


Animal Calling: Whimsical Portraiture

Medium:Mixed Media on Paper

Inspiration: Reflective painting

Working from personal art interest, and asking "If you were an animal, what animal would you be?,” students used a variety of visual references (photos, books) to create visually stunning and classical portraits with a whimsical flair. The piece you see here best represents the artist and her love of flowers.