4-6 year olds

Our 4-6 year old classes are super fun and playful, emphasizing the age-appropriateness of process over product! We grow and nurture art appreciation and instructional skills from a very young age. Kids love to express themselves creatively because that’s what they need! Following their lead, we focus on process over product, taking kids on a multi-medium art journey through paint, pastel, clay, weaving, printmaking, collage and much more. Your child will learn color mixing, observational drawing/ painting, the fundamentals of line, shape, color, value, pattern/texture and proportion/scale. Our goal is to introduce the younger set to artists throughout, while cultivating a lifelong love of art. Our 4-6 year-old classes are held on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday. Click here to register.


We do A TON of painting and drawing in our 4-6yo class. This helps kids grasp all sorts of concepts from spatial organization to understanding light and value to proportion and scale…the list goes on and on.

We often draw and paint from observation to practice interpreting visual information and improving our artistic skills.

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Taking inspiration from the Bay Area Figurative artists

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Interpreting Dutch and Flemish painters