How Artists Use Space: Minimalist Sculpture

All month long, our work has encompassed the element of design, space. Recently in our 7-10 year old art classes, students were charged with creating a minimalist paper sculpture. We looked at the work of Richard Serra and students were asked to create preliminary drawings from which to sculpt. The challenge lied in the transformation of simple imagery into a three-dimensional work using only one piece of paper. They then had to reduce the size of their sculptures, honing their work and further simplifying the pieces. Once complete, students were asked to create observational drawings of their sculptures. Truly a full circle project, offering many ways to reflect upon the process. For a little snapshot into the process, head over to our Instagram page.


Larger Than Life Portraits

Both our 4-6yo and our Teen classes are working on larger than life portraits. Our teens are using mixed media, including paint to complete their pieces. Our 4-6 year olds have been enjoying working again on black paper with chalk pastels. The effects are so bold and textural. 

Kids Home Art Studio

We make a ton of art at home! Over the weekend, it was time to reassess what is used, what could be used better, and what needs to be tossed, and what is needed. Behold our shelves (still going strong...thank you, Ikea!) and all that lives in them. Read on for more info...


Top Row (L-R): 1) artwork made by kiddo; 2) funnels and salad spinner for mega spin art; 3) pipettes, foam rollers, brushes/water cups, glitter, hot glue guns and glue; 4) basket of scotch tape, clear bin of wash tape, assorted glues, lego tape and roadway tape

Second Row from top (L-R): 1) odd assortment of art books and a coin jar; 2) clear bins with loose parts (shells, rocks, glass cubes), clear bins with crayons and oil pastels, clear "junk" bin with kid-picked items, fun scissors; 3) stickers!; 4) LightBrite, Spirograph, travel art kit

Third Row from top (L-R): 1) kinetic sand in bowl with wooden molds, lava egg timer, small cups; 2) clay (air dry, Sculpey, Plastilina), Play-Doh, clay tools; 3) chalk pastels, colored pencils, creamy crayons, mirror; 4) paper! and sketchbooks

Bottom Row (L-R): 1) more loose parts (beans, crystals, gems), sewing board; 2) cookie cutters, peeler beads, beads, yarn; 3) tempera and acrylic paint bin, Richeson tempera cakes, rolled paper; 4) palettes, more paints! (face paint, small spin art, watercolor tubes and pans)

If you're looking to set up a home studio, no matter the size of the space or the budget, or if you have any questions as to how we incorporate these materials at home, please email me at theARTerieARTstudio[at]gmail[dot]com.