4-6 Years


Our 4-6 year old classes are super fun and playful, emphasizing the age-appropriateness of process over product!

We grow and nurture art appreciation and instructional skills from a very young age. Kids love to express themselves creatively because that’s what they need! Following their lead, we take kids on a multi-medium journey through paint, pastel, clay, weaving, printmaking, collage and much more.

Your child will learn color mixing, observational drawing/ painting, the fundamentals of line, shape, color, value, pattern/texture and proportion/scale.

Our goal is to introduce the younger set to artists throughout history, while cultivating a lifelong love of art. Our 4-6 year-old classes are held on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday. To register, visit our REGISTRATION page.

Featured Projects

Self Portraits

Medium: Paint

Inspiration: Artist, David Park

Our kiddos studied the work of David Park, an artist associated with the Bay Area Figurative Movement, and painted self-portraits utilizing bold color, line, and created on a large scale. These qualities lended themselves to dynamic finished pieces. We totally dig their bright, florescent take on his work.

Observational Drawing

Medium: Pen and Pastel

Inspiration: Cezanne

We reference a variety of still life artists in the studio, and setup drawing and painting prompts using objects of different size, texture, value, and color. We ask students to observe what they see, thinking about comparisons and placement. We often draw in the air with our fingers to practice before putting pen to paper.

Washi Tape Cityscapes

Medium: Mixed Media

Inspiration: Romaire Beardon’s “The Block”

Thinking about Beardon’s bright and lively collage “The Block” helped drive the creation of these pieces. Beardon’s use of pattern and repetition led us to use washi tape with its lively and varied patterns. Students used pencils and rulers to draw the outlines of their buildings, giving kids the opportunity to determine scale and proportion of their cities. We used washi tape and color pencil to “fill-in” the buildings, and then added colored pencil details to the background. Of course, nothing is complete at this age without a good glossing of Mod Podge to seal and shine their work.