All About Line

Every September, all students (regardless of age) use line as the thread in their work. We've made some pretty incredible art in the past few weeks, and it's hard to choose a favorite! A recent crowd pleaser was our Jean Dubuffet-inspired lesson in our 4-6 year old classes. Leading up to this project, we repeatedly discussed and incorporated various types of lines in our artwork. Students were ready to do all kinds of mark making and line drawing!


Using black marker, students drew a variety of line types: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, dashed/broken, zig zag, curvy/squiggly.


Next students added blue and red oil pastel, again thinking about line. They enjoyed and explored using the tips and the sides of the material to create different textural effects. They opted to color areas in, or leave other parts white.


Students then applied pan watercolors in blue, red, and black, and discovered what happens when one applies watercolor over pastels.


A couple of the finished works!