DIY: HandStacks

Keep reading for the how-to to make a really cool family keepsake.



  • heavy white paper or cardstock (1 6”x9” piece/person plus one for mounting the pieces to)

  • white glue and bursh

  • assorted bits and bobs of one color (one color/person). This could include: buttons, washi tape, colored construction paper, ribbon, sequins, fabric, etc

  • paint (we used acrylic paint) in each person’s color

  • pencil

  • scissors

  • foam core or cardboard pieces (approx. 1” square)

  • Mod Podge (optional)


  1. Begin by tracing each person’s hand (it doesn’t matter right or left) on the heavy paper.

  2. Cut out each hand.

  3. Each family member chooses a color and gathers materials in that color.

  4. Cut (as needed) and glue assorted collected items to each handprint. The remaining white areas will be filled in with paint.

  5. Paint remaining white areas with matching color of paint. Set aside to dry.

  6. Once dry, glue squares of foam core or cardboard to backside of hands to allow hands to pop-up atop each other. You may need to cut squares down in size. Typically three squares on the back of each hand works effectively, like a tripod.

  7. Beginning with largest hand, glue to background paper. Continue to stack hands (with the foam core pop-ups on back) atop one another.