You Are A Firefly And Shine From Within

If you aren't already familiar with author Rachel Macy Stafford, you might just be after reading her blog post: Children Who Shine From Within.

Let me back day a little over a year ago, I stumbled across an Instagram post (forgive me, I haven't a clue what that original post was nor who posted it) that mentioned the impact of a book on said-poster's said-post. The description of this Rachel Macy Stafford book had me running for the nearest bookstore to get a copy. I read the front and back covers, skimming through Hands Free Mama and felt I had struck gold. As a mom who is challenged to disconnect from feeling forever "plugged in" with all-things-small-business-ownership-related, Hands Free Mama resonated with me on so many levels. It is written in tangible, easy to apply, takeaways; relieving the mama guilt of when I have to plug in for work while giving incredible reminders of how plug in to family.

I began following @handsfreerevolution and went on to reading Only Love Today (also majorly recommended!). Rachel always seems to have just the right words to say at the moment I need to hear them. Which brings me back to her blog post about shining from within. Here's a snippet: "The end of the school year can be hard for kids, especially the Fireflies—those who shine from within. And it’s that time—time for awards, banquets, recognition, and applause. The Butterflies will be noticed. So brilliant. So colorful. Their talents so obvious. But let us not forget the Fireflies. Their triumphs are quiet and unsuspecting. Their gifts might even go completely unnoticed" (Rachel Macy Stafford). 

When I read her post on her Instagram feed this morning about needing to feel a sense of belonging, of knowing one is heard and seen, I needed to jump on here and share it with you.