Frequently Asked Questions

What is your teaching methodology?

Our fine art classes emphasize the fundamentals of drawing and painting. We know that by giving students the foundations of art, they are able to create with great success and ease. All classes have a demonstrated lesson in which we lay out the parameters of a project and encourage each student to incorporate his/her creative expression. There will never be two exact paintings from a class because there isn’t only one way of looking at and interpreting something. When students are prescribed rote step-by-step drawing lessons they often have difficulties making artistic choices when asked to create a work of art on their own and will not know how to begin a different drawing.

In our 4-6yo classes, while there is still a lesson provided, the art making is heavily process-based, as this is age appropriate; children are just beginning their artistic understanding and learn through exploration and experimentation. As our classes move through older age groups, more visual problem solving and questioning is included to allow students to grapple with and critique their artistic choices.

Can I try a class?

Yes! Please do. Your first class is $15 and no obligation. You may start classes at any point during the month.

Do I have to purchase my own art materials?

No. All materials are included in your tuition. (With the exception of our Life Drawing class where only easels, drawing boards, and the model are included).

When is tuition due?

On the 1st of each month (not the first class within the month).

Do you provide smocks?

Yes! And all materials, fun, inspiration AND snacks. All of our materials are professional artists materials and will stain, so we still encourage you to wear clothes that may get messy and/or stained.

What if I miss a class?

A makeup class may be taken (within 3 months), space permitting so long as you notify the studio prior to the class you will be absent from. Unused makeup classes are forfeited when students are not currently enrolled.

Is there parking?

We do have parking and because we share our lot with other businesses in our building parking can be limited at times. We ask that when you are dropping off and picking up your child, you safely park and escort them in and out of the studio. If you cannot find parking, there is street parking available around our plaza. Parking is prohibited in fire lanes.

Do I have to clean up after class?

No. We teach students how to respectfully use materials, including how to properly clean brushes. That being said, these classes are for students to come in, unplug, and immerse themselves in the creative process without worrying about using class time to set up and clean up. We know that set up/clean up is a part of being an artist and we also value the short amount of time students are in the studio each week.